• To examine the current situation and development of PHC services and analyse challenges and obstacles encountered
  • To explore how to improve the district health system, and make short-to-medium and long-term recommendations with a view to charting the way forward in enhancing PHC services

Assessment principles (6-A)

All-embracing care

Coverage and provision of services, including Chinese and western general outpatient clinics, mental health, oral health and eye care services

Alliance and cross-sectoral collaboration

Cross-sectoral partnerships including public-private partnership, collaboration between Chinese medicine and western medical practitioners, and medical-social collaboration model

Quality Assurance

Multi-disciplinary collaborative approach, training and regulatory framework for healthcare professionals


Affordability of service charges, service locations and interoperability of electronic health records

Awareness and Empowerment

Health promotion instruments and measures, the public’s healthy lifestyle or habits and usage of preventive care services in the community


Measures assessing service quality and regulatory framework for public and private service providers

Health Journey

step1 step2 step3 step4 step5

Welcome to District Health Centre (DHC)! Let’s start with the brand new health journey~

You got to know DHC through family doctor/ neighbours/ brochures/ BFRC’s report, and you decide to?

Study findings

Pivotal factor 1

Effective collaboration by medical and social sectors

Current Situation

  • Immature cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Community resources have yet to be consolidated

Pivotal factor 2

Quality PHC service team

Current Situation

  • Lack of resources for Family Medicine (FM) training
  • A significant shortage of PHC talent in the community

Pivotal factor 3

Broad participation in eHRSS

Current Situation

  • Unsatisfactory participation in the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) curtailing free flow of health records

Pivotal factor 4

High level of self-health awareness

Current Situation

  • Weak health awareness
  • Health promotion failed to yield satisfactory results

Recommendation 1

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Developing community health network

  • To integrate and coordinate the resources
  • To promote synergies in the healthcare system
  • To coordinate specialty care and hospital services

Recommendation 2

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Launching a personalised ‘321: One Person, One Health Plan’ with subsidy

  • To subsidise members of the public to receive health check-ups
  • To instil the concept of shared responsibilities for health care

Recommendation 3

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Allocating resources to develop FM and community nursing

  • To encourage more doctor to pursue further studies in FM
  • To develop a career path for nursing staff working in community

Recommendation 4

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Encouraging broad participation in eHRSS

  • To reform the voluntary participation mechanism
  • To provide adequate software and hardware support

Recommendation 5

Perfecting the evaluation mechanism

  • Setting performance indicators for evaluation, emphasising on both quality and quantity
  • Monitoring service quality and ensuring effective PHC service delivery

Recommendation 6

Establishing an independent ‘PHC Authority’

  • To administer PHC services independently
  • To improve the transparency and accountability of PHC services

Complementary Measures

  • Promoting the concept of ‘time bank’
  • Devising a ‘Collaboration Manual’ and self-evaluation mechanism
  • Reviewing the objectives of the ‘Primary Care Directory’
  • Introducing a ‘Mobile Health Truck’